Mozambique Mangrove Cover
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This is a shape file of mangrove cover of Mozambique coast derived from Landsat 8. Mangroves forests cover map was created through a supervised digital image classification techniques. The data are available at 30-m spatial resolution. A cover 3387.10 square kilometer was realized for Mozambique coastline.

This data has been developed by RCMRD SERVIR Eastern & Southern Africa.
SERVIR is a joint USAID-NASA project. For more information on SERVIR, visit Biota

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Users are permitted to copy, use, adapt, and redistribute SERVIR data without limitations. SERVIR encourages users to keep any adapted or redistributed versions of this data freely available for public use. The SERVIR Project, NASA, USAID and RCMRD make no express or implied warranty of this data as to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Neither the US Government nor RCMRD shall be liable for special, consequential or incidental damages attributed to this data.

To provide data that can be used in global mangrove forest distribution modeling, land cover change analysis, global carbon accounting studies and to assi...

Data Quality
The accuracy assessment results obtained for Mozambique Landsat 8 Overall Accuracy = 84%, KHAT Statistic/Cohen's - Coefficient = 0.64 Products were developed using LandSat 7 ETM Plus and LandSat 8 OLI data, a supervised classification method was used. It involves the creation of training sites and then the use maximum likelihood classification method to develop the land cover products.Post classification procedures such as filtering, pixel/cell editing are used to refine the classification of the final products. Accuracy assessment was conducted using randomly generated actual field data and point interpretation from LandSat imagery. Used indices for assessing the map accuracy were the Overall accuracy and the KHAT statistics/Cohen's coefficient.
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The Mozambique Mangrove Cover has been developed by RCMRD - SERVIR Eastern & Southern Africa. SERVIR is a joint USAID-NASA project.
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